Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Worst dealership I have ever had dealings with in my life. customer service is bottom of the barrel and there is 0 accountability.

All started when someone in service was talking to me like a piece of trash on the side on the street. When I asked him for his last name or employee number so I can complain he hangs up the phone on me. All I wanted was for them to re secure the belly pan that they had forgot to bolt back up. That in itself is expected from a child working on a car in his driveway not from Audi techs that are supposed to be the best in the world.

After almost a week I finally got a return phone call from Joe the service manager. He sends someone to my house to fix the pan, but because he could access the drivers side he told me to move it in the middle of the driveway and someone will come out the following day to fix it. No show no call. completely forgotten about and then a week goes by and I have to call to try and get in touch with Joe.

Of course he doesn't answer then some guy Steve from service calls me back. He tells me "Joe is detained" whatever that means. Steve didn't seem to give a crap about how I was stood up, no show no call and basically I just felt like a total burden to him. Like me problem wasn't important enough for him to give attention to.

I ask his if he could call me when the guy is finished because I'm not home and he agrees. I wasn't expecting much considering the horrible service thus far and of course I was right. Again no call I have no idea if the work was done or not so I had to call again. No answer, leave another message just to now have Gary call me back the following day.

lol Not Steve, not Joe, now I got Gary. He tells me the work was done. I instruct him to have Joe call me back, the service manager I originally started this whole thing with weeks ago. Of course have not received any call back since.

Absolute trash dealership that is totally trashing the Audi name. Bottom of the barrel techs, customer service is rock bottom, and judging by the professionalism of the service manager I'm sure the toxic behavior stems from the top and just trickles down to everyone. This dealership has so many bad reviews I have no idea how they are still in business.

Selling cars that are advertised as new, but in reality have been in accidents, that's absurd. I will never buy another Audi again solely based on this experience.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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