Salt Lake City, Utah
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I took my 2005 AUDI A4 lease to be serviced. The shuttle chauffer made the following statement to my husband who does not speak English; this after asking where he is from : YOU drive an AUDI???

This is the second AUDI I have owned. I will NEVER purchase another AUDI again and strongly reccommend you take your business elsewhere. My husband was treated poorly because he is hispanic. I am tired or prejudice against hispanics as myself, who are hardworking, tax paying, productive citizens of a community.

Please do not support and encourage this type of behavior.

It is unaccepable.

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First off I agree with Stu, Audi are good When they are not in the repair shop. The problem is they spend a lot of time getting fixed, Audi's are not the best car for that simple fact.

Good cars don't break on a regular basis, That is the definition of unreliable. As for the "Racist" part of this post, I agree with Garcia. Minorities need to have a little thicker skin than most and also understand that just because they are not White or perceived to be "Rich".

This is not a good reason to go off about how they are treated- everyone including whites are treated this way!!! Go talk to the Manager instead of complaining to a forum that is going to get you absolutely nowhere.


I had an audi and I ended up having to take a loss in the sale of it in order to keep from drowning in repair bills.. When the car was good, it was GREAT, but I'd laugh at how as soon as I fixed something, in another week, something else was going bad. You may be able to afford to buy one, but make sure you can afford to keep it!


Learn to speak English or leave...what kind of comment is that? you *** ***.

Where r u comming from? Don't tell me here. Duh...Your grand, grand parents are from some where else... ***, and they didn't speak english either.

Don't you know what the word UNITED means. ***.


Well people like the shuttle driver and "John" are ignorant plain and simple. It's unfortunate you had such an experience.

People who work in dealerships are pretty much trained to kiss up to you, not belittle you. This employee in question should just keep his mouth shut, like John. If you don't have anything good to say.... DON'T SAY ANYTHING!

Didn't people learn this in grade school?! Anyway, you should have brought this up with the manager of the dealership.


I agree. Learn to speak english or leave!


:? Wow, you're going to stop buying Audi because of what a shuttle driver said?

Why not just complain to the general manager and if he doesn't make you feel better shop at a different Audi dealership. If Ronald McDonald insulted you would you stop eating hamburgers all together?

Don't give up on Audi just because of what some dumb shuttle driver said. Audi is the best!!!