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Audi TT 2003, Part II

This is a follow up to my my previous post in which I mentioned my passenger side headlight quit working. I hoped that it had just burnt out. But no, it was an electrical problem! Instead of just replacing a $140 bulb, it instead required the replacement of a bad headlight range control unit, which ended up costing a total of $642 (although the labor cost more than the parts!). This pretty much just sealed the deal of me getting rid of my TT. . .please please please DO NOT buy an 03 TT!! (I plan on trading mine in for a non-Audi and letting the dealership try and get rid of it at auction for some other sucker to deal with)
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You are an ***. You are pinning the blame on Audi because of your own *** mistakes. Don't buy what you can't afford to maintain.

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Audi TT 2003

Unfortunately what you hear about Audi's and problems (especially electrical) is true. My 03 Audi TT is full of more problems than it's worth! First, the turn signals stopped working and I had to get that fixed. Then, the windows decided to act up, requiring the replacement of a $500 (plus labor) motor in each (which I haven't bitten the bullet and replaced yet). And yes, it's the motor, not the regulator, I already checked that. Now, my headlight bit the dust. And yes, I realize now my car is technically 7 years old, but I'm pissed anyway. I'm hoping by now the new TT's are not having these problems, but if you plan on buying a used TT, consider this your warning. They are adorable (can you tell I'm a girl?) and super fun to drive, but they can be a pain in the *** when it comes to maintenance (and I take excellent care of my baby!). I guess I should have listened to my dad and stuck with Toyota. . .
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That car is a POS :x


I'm having problems with my TT also, all related to electrical. I have had the window motor replaced THREE times.

Please drop me an email at to discuss.

I am just about ready to contact my Congressman. This is a safety issue.


Has anyone been experiencing these problems with 2005 and up TT models?? :?


Totally agree with the electrical comment. My TT is doing the same.

Everyone I've talked to has the same issues and they are EXPENSIVE to fix. What a scam Audi is doing to keep their mechanics in the money.

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