Round Hill, Virginia

The lie and they lie and they continue to lie. I have been trying to buy a car from them for months (2).

Every time I ring I am told a different story. Before you sign a lease with them understand that they get you then. If you want to trade a car in on another brand they give you the residual value and they give the dealer, a difference of $10k. Effectively this tactic stops churn in their customer base.

2 months ago I started the process of buying, 3 weeks later the paperwork arrived, I sent it back. 3 weeks later after waiting for my check to clear I am yet to receive my title even after promise after promise. They said they had no record of my check for fedex. I have a copy of it banked at the bank but can I send it to them, nmo I need to fax.

It is 2014 who faxes? Everyone uses email. I want to speak to a supervisor can they give me a number no I need to request one contact me. What is this company, why are they hiding.

They are hiding because now I find out a separate company handles their titles and they have not sent it to me as they promised. I have always been a loyal customer of audi - 3 cars in 5 years. I cannot wait to get the title, get rid of the car and tell anyone who listens never to do business with these fraudsters.

Talk about destroying a brand. Never ever do business with Audi Credit/Volkswagon Credit, the worst....

Product or Service Mentioned: Audi Car.

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Why lease if you wanted to buy the car You could have just got a auto loan from a bank or credit union and then pay it off when you have the funds


I had a very similar experience with Audi financial I wanted to get a payoff quote but they always pointed me to the dealership argueing that 'state regulations' prevent them to provide a quote. what they really want is to profit from you.

I received 3 different quotes well above residual value.

they also wanted to perform a 'safety inspection' before I purchase my own vehicle! 'if we find tires, brakes, battery, etc to be beyond specifications, the replacement value will be added to your final invoice.' what a bunch of crooks!!