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I am posting an experience I had with my Audi A4 on this website. My complaint is not about a particular dealer or their service but rather to get potential buyers to read about my experience.

If you check reviews on Consumer Affairs, you will find people who thoroughly enjoy their Audi, much as I did when I first purchased it new. As they age, they require a lot of expensive maintenance and major failures are not uncommon on an Audi (my experience). Below is my experience that I posted after complete failure of my Audi.

Like many on here (Consumer Affairs) (including Javier-Dec 5, 2018), my Audi was expensive to maintain. I bought it new in 2010 and immediately it used too much oil.

After many arguments with the local dealer (near Chicago), they finally got Audi America to cover the cost of fixing the issue (a piston ring issue they kept quiet). Somewhere north of 50k miles, the turbo went. Again, I had to press the local dealer and Audi was quietly fixing another issue they knew they had so they replaced the turbo. Then at 93k, my car would not start while out running local errands.

I had to have it towed to an independent garage that works on Audi within the radius covered by my insurance roadside assistance. This was a weekend but on Monday they called with the bad news that the tensioner on the timing chain went and damaged the valves. Their solution was to replace the engine with a used one, so I got the local Audi dealer involved. They said it was covered, so I spent $115 to have it towed to the dealer.

I found out later this was part of a class action suit and the dealer wanted 8800 to replace the engine head. Audi said my warranty was voided, even though I did all my maintenance (65k, 75k, 85k, etc) because I fell outside the time limit to do the maintenance (i.e. every 12 months), even though I drive few miles since retirement. I donated the car to charity and wrote a letter to the CEO of Volkswagen America, who used to be the President of Audi America.

In all my years of driving and all of the cars/makes I have owned (many well over 100k), never have I had a timing belt/chain issue. Do yourself a favor and buy something other than an Audi or if you do want an Audi, either lease it or trade it off before it is too old and you experience the heavy maintenance cost of owning these vehicles.

As an update, I did hear back from Audi America Customer Service. My letter to the CEO got passed to them to complete the circle by saying how sorry they were for my experience. Nothing more, so this is how Audi stands behind a car.

Some readers may disagree with my view, which is perfectly fine.

If, however, you have had a terrible experience with your Audi, I suggest you write to the CEO of VW America. It is the US parent of Audi and the current CEO was head of Audi before being promoted to this assignment.

Charles Stanley, previous A4 owner.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Audi Pros: Style and comfort when new.

Audi Cons: Poor quality and did not stand behind car.

  • Total Engine Failure
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I had an Audi some 20 or so years ago, purchased as a replacement for a VW I had. With both, the dealer strongly advised I follow the manual's maintenance protocols which meant taking them in at periodic mileage points---which I had to pay for, of course.

Both cars were nothing special and the parts for each were rather more expensive than for an American car. I dumped the Audi and went back to GM and Ford.