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I leased a demo Audi a4 in 2008 that had 6,000km when I picked it up. When negotiating with the salesperson at Owasco Audi Denise, I said that I need a minimum of 75,000km on the lease and she mentioned that you are good with 75+6 =81,000km. I signed 2 documents when picking up the vehicle I stated the 6,000km and I didn’t when I asked Denise she said it was for internal paperwork and not to worry. When I returned the car I received a bill for $1009.03 which $925.13 was for excess mileage? When the car was returned with 80,468km I mailed out a check for $198.13 with a letter of explanation. only to have the check returned. I contacted both the dealership and Audi Canada, I sent letters to Audi Canada's president, the owner of Owasco, OMVIC. Within a week the sales manager Billy from Owasco called and negotiated and offered me $600 which I refused out of principle. A few days later the offer was taken back and they offered me in it's place a full credit if I lease another Audi, I also received a letter from the president stating that there was nothing Audi Canada could do for me. In April 2012 I did a credit report on myself with Trans Canada Credit which stated that there was a lien on the car for $42,000 even though it was returned in 2011. I contacted the lease end department and spoke to a supervisor Alen Causevic who after many conversations said there was nothing he could do for the over km and when I mentioned the Credit report he sent me a letter stating "Following the revision of our internal systems, we confirm that we have released our security claim since August 15, 2011. We were also able to confirm this directly with one of the credit reporting agencies. I spoke to OMVIC Sarah Griffin who stated that the law changed in 2009 or 2010 that when a car is a demo it must be registered right away and that my case was the reason for the change. After Sarah looked into the details she said that there was nothing that they could do. I also met with a lawyer from the Ontario small claims court who helped me prepare a letter for Audi who also said that I have a case if I decide to pursue. I opted not to go to court and decided to just pay the bill. So in anger I sent 6 post dated checks thinking all was ok as I never heard anything since June 6 2012 and the checks were cashed monthly. Last week I applied for a small business loan only to be refused because there's still a $42,000 lien for a car that was returned in 2011 and that there's also a note that my account had to go to collection even though 5 checks have cleared my account at this time. When I contacted Audi on Monday they said that the lien and note of collection would be adjusted once my last check cleared on March 30, 2012. Why after leasing 3 Audi's over a nine year period would Audi not get it right? Why is there still a lien and what recourse do I have? I left a message with Alen Causevic 3 days ago to please call me back to discuss a problem and have not heard back. Help!!

From a previously happy Audi owner who will never lease or buy another Audi.

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