Scituate, Massachusetts
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I leased an Audi 3 years ago purchased excess wear and tear, tire package and service plan.

After I turned car in I received a bill for last payment, turn in fee and wear and tear. I called and had to remind them that I had excess wear and tear.

I asked them to send out corrected bill, a month went by and received another bill without adjustment, I called again and was told that they recognized it and a new bill would come out. They told me one department does not know what other department knows. I asked them that if I did not remember I purchased it, I could have paid this. Another month or two goes by and I finally get bill.

I mailed check in and the.

I got phone call asking to call them. When I called I explained that I had just got bill and check had been sent. Seemed like an easy call and then he said you are in excess of 51 days behind, I said wait a min and explained that I had been missed billed and just got corrected bill. He said that I hadn’t paid bill — I said why would I pay the wrong bill.

This conversation was going no where, asked t speak to a supervisor, put on hold for a few mins, no supervisor available — still have not got returned call from supervisor. Got my bank statement and it appears my check had cleared prior to call.

This company can not be trusted!!!

BUYERS BEWARE— make sure you have your original paperwork.

Product or Service Mentioned: Audi Auto Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Service department at Audi of Greenwich is terrible especially service consultant Alicia De Marco . She is just not good at her job , she needs some training , she has no manners , no class and she should not be representing Audi in any way .


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