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OMG! I had never bought a car anywhere but Santa Monica Audi!

I was a completely satisfied customer and would have still been one had the dealership acknowledged that I bought a lemon...but only as far as a wildly dangerous navigation system is concerned which asked me to make a U-turn on a speeding highway across a curbed dirt meridian or taking me to the entirely WRONG ADDRESS when I had a time element and interview to make! (The rest of the car was fine for the most part --I fixed the parts that were not on my own dime.)

I videotaped the nav system's insanity and sent the clips to Audi. The dealership finally acknowledges elements of the defects after a year of arguing with the service department whilst I was suffering serious 24/7 migraine headaches which resulted in recent neurosurgery making the defect that much more dangerous by the way. Of course, since they did nothing, I stopped driving altogether. It seemed altogether way too dangerous and I do not wish to die driving to drive a luxury car. That makes no sense. I bought it in order to be safe. It's been the most dangerous experience of my life!

At one point the dealership said and I quote, "There is nothing we can do. Our hands are tied." Since they had no GM, I am quoting the Sales Manager, who had just been brought in from Pasadena. He thought he was a rooster crowing around the barn and added, "I am used to an upscale clientele and know how to deal with them." Apparently, he knows nothing about Santa Monica which is now the most expensive place to live in Southern California, leavving Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Bel-Air in the dust!

Audi Customer Service told them and him, "Fix it. Make the customer happy." Audi truly tried! It was the dealership that was impossible, finally telling me that the nav system had five parts and that if they took out the wrong part and it wasn't defective that Audi wouldn't pay for it. How do you deal with that?

The Nav System was $2700 and I told the sales person I did not want one. You cannot get the A5 without it yet they make you pay for it. Right now, I want to enforce the lemon status or have the $2700 deducted from the absurd cost of the car. I have lost so much time and suffered so much from it that when I drove it today, I arrived to see my neurosurgeon, post neurosurgery, to find that my normally 110/60 blood pressure was recorded at 190/110 after the car took me on another crazy all over the city wild ride. Back to taxis!

What would you do? The salesperson has refused to take one call from me since I purchased the car, they had no sales manager until this fluffed up rooster who is clearly off his hen's nest, and no general manager. I am thinking of wrapping the car in yellow and parking it in front with a sign that says, "I BOUGHT THIS LEMON HERE." But there is one woman at Audi in Maryland who keeps giving me hope but she had health issues and now I do not know what to do!

I continue to reach out to Audi Customer Service but the dealership lied to them and said that the customer's request had been satisfied and to close the case! Rather than their asking me about it, Audi closed the case. That does not exactly speak well for Audi, right?

When no one knows what they are doing nor why including the car, who needs it nor them! There are plenty fabulous Korean cars out there for half the price and the customers I ask about them rave about the customer service! Is that what Audi wants? Apparently so!

The next time you have $60,000 to burn, think carefully where you choose to burn it! I always thought warranties meant something. Apparently not. Good luck on your drive on the highway of life! Think carefully about choosing to do so in a new Audi A5 in scuba blue with Nav System from a female Russian saleswoman at Santa Monica Audi!

Clips available on request from Audi! Lots and lots of them!!! The car almost killed me so I have deleted all the great photos I had of it!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $60000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Audi Cons: Car almost killed me would not honor warranty.

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OMG! Just read another review which said that the car was made in Mexico and theirs was as screwy as mine!

Once I was driving down the street and it was telling me how there was something in front of me that represented danger! I videotaped this one, too!