95 NJ-36, Eatontown, NJ 07724, USA
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I purchased and Audi from Audi in Eatontown new jersey. Part of the deal was taking off the summer tires that were on it (I purchased a car off the showroom) and replacing them with all season tires. They said this could be done but I couldn't have the car until the next day because they needed time to change the tires. I picked up the car the next day and assumed that the correct tires were on the car. Thankfully I had the car detailed one month later and the detailer called me and asked if I was aware that the tires on my car were not acceptable for winter driving.

Thankfully I found this out before an accident happened with winter pretty much upon us and now I may not have a car to drive if bad weather comes because I do not have another car to drive and the dealer has not loaner for me. Did I mention I am on my third appointment that the dealer has cancelled on me. Last week they cancelled because they had no loaner. This means that the first two times they didn't do the tires they NEVER even had the tires there. Third time, no loaner available so I accepted a ride to my work and told them I would have a ride back later to pick it up. Third time phone call. They DON'T have the tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They don't have a LOANER!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NO car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so frustrated and unhappy. I thought I was purchasing a good car from a good dealer.

I am so unhappy. I have never done any complaining like this over anything else, but this is very scary most of all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Audi Customer Care.

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