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I leased a 2014 Audi and am quite pleased with the car, but Audi Financial Services (which may be part of VW Leasing) has totally soured me on ever dealing with Audi again. At the outset of the 36 month lease I authorized Audi FS to take the monthly lease payments from my bank account electronically.

It worked fine for 30 months, and then my monthly statements showed erroneous amounts for some unknown reason. I called for 3 months straight in an attempt to get it corrected. Each month they acknowledged the error and assured me it would be fixed next month. Never got fixed and 6 months later I decided to exercise the purchase option at the end of lease and buy the car.

The buyout price is clearly specified in the lease, but because of the screwed up billing they couldn't give me an accurate payoff figure. Said it was an accounting/I.T. problem and they submitted a "ticket" to get it corrected. 2 weeks later I called the HQ customer advocate and got them to push it through and get me a payoff figure.

They gave it to me May 2nd with a "good through" date of May 2nd. I express mailed them a cashiers check for the payoff on May 2nd and confirmed delivery May 4th. Included a separate $15 check to expedite FEDEX delivery of the title to me. Both checks cleared May 4th.

Called on May 11th (a week after they got paid) asking when I could expect the title. I was told they were waiting for the accounting dept. to post the payment to my account (even though the payment shows on my online AudiFS account). Couldn't say when I would get it.

Wait 2 weeks and then call back. So to execute my end of lease buy-out option will take me at least a month, and a half dozen phone calls. Each of the customer service reps is very respectful and professional on the phone, but the overall experience shows AUDI FS DOES NOT REALLY CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Their internal systems are totally fouled up.

This is no way to operate a business. AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM IF YOU CAN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Audi Auto Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Audi Pros: Quality and performance of the vehicle.

Audi Cons: Audi financial services ability to execute.

  • Poor Service
  • Audi Financial Services
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