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I bought a certified pre-owned 2002 Audi A4 Quatrro in 2007. The thing has been giving me problems since day one.

I have replaced countless lines, plugs, altenators, engine parts, etc. and I also keep up the maintenance. I drive a lot less since my move to the east coast. Basically, M-F my car sits in one spot.

I run errands on the weekends, no more than a 20 mile radius. Recently, I have been driving to look at houses, job interviews, etc. so I thought, like an ***, my car could at least do the job. I brought my car in on 10/31/2011 for service, spent $1000.00 and the service team said that I am all good to go, no major issues, see you next year.

I was out on I-80 on 01/19/2012 driving from NJ to PA for an interview. I was 23.8 miles from my destination, when I hear a pop, my check engine light comes on, and smoke is emanating from the hood. I pull off and turn the car off and put my flashers on. I called Progressive Insurance, explained what happened and arranged a tow.

After waiting for more than 2 hours for the tow to come, they tow it to the wrong Audi Dealer, so I am stuck in PA. The Audi service guy comes and looks at the engine and brings me PIECES of my transmission. He says it will cost about $8000-10,000 to fix it. The tow cost $300.

Then I call Progressive again, explain what they said, and the claim agent incredulously asked me if I hit anything. I said no. He then said he would send an adjustor the following day. Then I asked him how am I supposed to get home, he told me that was my problem.

I told him to call a cab. After another $400.00 I finally get home more than 8 hours after this ordeal. Basically, due to faulty engineering, Audi put my life in danger. I have all the receipts from every single repair.

Not once in the last 2 months has the check engine light come on.

Not once did any indication of engine failure come on through the internal monitoring system. This is a deathtrap.

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The Audi A4 Quatro is a money pit. They used a Bio degradable material in their wiring and it corodes and shorts out especially the engine harness.

That costs $3,500 to repair.

They also use a cheap timing belt that needs to be replaced before 50K miles. Avoid this car or be prepared to pay.


I never hear that any car insurance are cover the engine or transmission problems. Did Progressive really cover it?

:? :eek :roll


Most people sale their car because problems can not fix or too many problems. Buy a used car you will take a risk. :sigh :sigh :sigh