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Update by user Dec 16, 2016

As of today, I have still not been contacted by anybody from Audi AG or Audi Italy regarding the damages to my car.

My lawyer managed to get a hold of Luca in Audi Italy, me his not calling back anymore, and now they have the nerve to question the source of the damages caused to my car.

Let me list the number of facts and evidence:

- Numerous phone calls made to Audi Italy (Silvia) where I inform of the happening and confirmation of damages

- My college was present to witness the direct happening and to see the direct damages on my car

- Inspection documents from Audi Southampton on delivery on the 23/11 - Inspection documents from Audi Malta of damages caused by jack on exact placement for the lifting device and damages to wheel house caused by wheel with color marks on rim As you can see questioning the source of these damages will only make Audi look even worse, so I asked them please stop this nonsense. Now they are trying to forward the blame on another company, who they say is responsible for road side assistance (not Audi).

I was entitled to Audi assistance, so I called Audi Italy service number, and I did not call any other phone number. How can you call it Audi assistance if Audi is not responsible for it, is Audi warranty also another company that Audi is not responsible for and Audi insurance?

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2016

I did buy a 2016 model Audi A7 from Southampton Audi in the UK. My intention is to import the car to Malt, and as I was driving through Italy I got a flat tire outside of Catania in Sicily.

As the car documents stated, I was entitled to Audi Assistance, so we called the number for Audi customer service in Italy. The Audi Italy customer service connected me to Audi assistance who sent out a person to help me, the person arrived after about 35 – 45 minutes, he immediately started to change the tire with the cars own tools. As he had loosened all the wheel bolts, he started to hit the side of the tire to get it lose, the tire came off and the car fell of the lifting device an on to the tire. At the moment, it was dark so I could not identify any damages, but I could estimate that there were damages.

I called Audi customer service again telling them what had happened, and as I reached Catania and lighted up areas, I called them again to confirm that there where damages. They recommended me to go to Audi Catania, they were just about to close as I got there, so they advised me to come back the next day. After missing my ferry to Malta and spending a night in a hotel in Catania, I came back the next morning and got the message that it would take them about 7 says to receive a new tire like mine and nobody did speak any better English. I decided that it was better to sort things out on Malta, I traveled the 100 km on spare tire and managed to get to Malta.

On the morning of the following working day I left the car at Continental Cars Ltd (Audi Malta) to get the damages repaired and a new tire. Today it is 2 weeks later and nothing has still happened, Audi Italy contacted me today and told me that I have to pay for the damages they caused, and then I have to claim it from them later (like I would ever be reimbursed). This is not an option for me. Audi Malta has done a full report of the damages and they are telling me that they get a go ahead on who is going to pay for the repairs.

When you arrive to Malta with a car that you have the intention to import, you have limited of time to do the technical inspection and register that car, or you will pay fines. The car is still in Audi Malta and I will be paying fines from the 25/12 if the car is not repaired and registered, I will leave for vacation on 16/12 and be back 02/01 next year. As I don’t feel that I am getting any closer to a solution, I have asked Audi AG to eider coordinate the fixes on my car or buy back the car from me. If this is how Audi treats its customers, then I don’t want to be an Audi owner any more.

I have spent money on extra hotel nights, missed my ferry to Malta, spent 3 – 4 working days and several phone calls and email trying to sort this out. I don’t want any reimbursement for this, but I want the damages on my car fixed or my money back, I am not willing to spend any more time or money on resolving problems related to these damages caused by Audi.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Audi A7 Car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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