Greensboro, North Carolina

I bought an AUDI RS5 convertible on April 1st 2013, VIN # WUAC6AFH6DN900220

The RS5 has a very bed problem with the breaks. When I push the breaks the car is shacking, especially when I try to use the break at the speed of 75/80 mph.

On November 2013 I brought the RS A5 at the dealer in Greensboro and I spoke with the service manager. The service manager gave me a courtesy car to use and in the afternoon I was contacted by an advisor of the Audi service in Greensboro. This advisor told me that my car needs new pads and new rotor and that these parts are coming from Germany and the wait to have this parts was 2 weeks.

The service advisor told me that during these 2 weeks I could drive my car. When I told him that the problem with the breaks was very bed especially at 80 mph he answers me back that the speed limit is 65 mph.

When I went to pick my car to the dealer in Greensboro and when I told the service advisor that driving over the speed limit is my problem and that the car is supposed to handled higher speed than 80 mph I was very un polite and he trough the document of my car on the desk.

When I told him that he has to be polite he told me “*** YOU”. My reaction wasn’t really polite and he told me again “*** YOU” and he was intimidating me. Only the intervention of the manager of the service at the location stopped him.

After this issue FLOW AUDI of Greensboro (NC) changed the front rotors and pads, 2 weeks waiting. In February 2014, after only 2000 miles, the car had the same problems and the service manager at AUDI told me that the back rotors and pads needed to be changed.

After the second replacement, on March 2013, the problem wasn't solved and I went again to the AUDI dealer service, I also wrote several time to the AUDI customer service.

At the end of March the manager of the AUDI service in Greensboro told me that the problem with my car was normal. I have several witness that can certify that instead the problem was very bad.

I also asked to the dealer to change the car but the valuation of the RS5 was ridiculous.

At the end of April 2014 I traded my AUDI with a brand new Maserati. I saw on line that I am not the only customer of AUDI having this problem.

I will never buy another AUDI

Gianni Arnaboldi

Product or Service Mentioned: Audi Car.

Monetary Loss: $89000.

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I have same issue with Audi A5 coupe automatic 2012


"When I push the breaks the car is shacking"... lmfao. Luckily it appears English isn't your first language based on your name, so the spelling shall be forgiven.