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I find these Audi very expensive overpriced and they have lots of electrical and mechanical problems.

Some of their top models body made out of beer cans.

With a little accident they get totaled .

Parts are overpriced and made cheap .

It is the cheapest made German car .

And the dealer just want to cheat and sell them.

They do not tell you that you have to change not only brake pads also brake disc every 10k miles .that cost you few thousand dollars and Audi do not pay for that .

Let's not forget that $20kkHyundai has Better Media and GPS than $80k Audi.

I would not suggest buying Audi at all .

With less money than you pay for Audi you get much much Deadbetter car like Mercedes Or Bmw if you like German car .

Product or Service Mentioned: Audi Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The Accident record is not complete but I'm surprised at the comment on the substandard steel. Honda claims their cars are meant to fold up and nearly disappear in accidents since they protect the driver.

I wonder how they figure that. Anyway, all VW cars are made by a criminal organization.


No facts, just hot air.

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