Orlando, Florida

Part 1 – Initial issue

I took my vehicle into the North Orlando Audi (Sanford, FL) stating I had issues with a cylinder misfiring at 50% or greater throttle (Service Advisor: Simon). They said it was a software issue and gave me a software update, which did not fix the issue. I came back stating the problem still existed and they concluded it was an ignition coil which then was switched out. After returning my vehicle I noticed that the AC was not working I called to explain and was told I had to bring my car in Tuesday because it was Labor Day weekend (No AC all labor day weekend thus I didn’t drive my vehicle). I call out from work to go to North Orlando Audi to make sure the issue was completed before accepting my vehicle back. Turns out that a sensor wasn’t plugged in by mistake also there were no paper work for me to sign at the end, my guess is that it was swept under the rug. Moral of the story is through all of this my vehicle is still misfiring at 50% or greater throttle. I need a resolution.

Part 2 – N. Orlando Issue

Instead of reaching out to the corporate office I wrote North Orlando Audi the statement above figuring they would correct the issue. To add another twist to the story at this point my warranty as ended, so I now ASSUME that very little to nothing was done so therefore I’ll be back with the same problem that I now have to pay for. So now North Orlando Audi wants to charge me for (4) ignition coils and (4) spark plugs. WHAT WAS FIXED WHEN I BROUGHT IT IN ALL THE OTHER TIMES BEFORE?! My consensus of the whole story is this: When my warranty was valid I brought my vehicle in several times stating there was a misfiring issue which after a small amount of research found out it is common and fairly simple fix. I do not want to go as far as saying Audi’s mechanics are incompetent at that location, but this was a simple fix that was prolonged to the point where I was no longer covered then for the first time fully explained that (4) ignition coils and (4) spark plugs needed to be changed. They needed to be changed when I had a warranty which you knew about and did nothing, therefore if any business ethics you should honor your warranty and change them at your expense.

[This complaint (Part 1 & 2) was sent verbally to Audi USA]

Part 3 – AudiUSA Issue

North Orlando Audi (Sanford location) returned my vehicle Wednesday (11/27/2013) to which later that day my car had broke down to the point where it was no longer drivable. I contacted AudiUSA’s 24 hour service again (Keep in mind we’re no longer referring to a single location, this is Corporate) letting them know my current situation and how not only was the problem still not fixed but how I received my vehicle in worse condition then when I gave it to them and how I wanted a representative to contact me on Friday. Now having no car on Thanksgiving I wait until Friday to do the work myself (I am by no means a mechanic)!!! I purchase all the tools needed including a code eraser. I properly changed (4) ignition coils & spark plugs with the correct torque specs and gap space within 45 minutes, 45 minutes (reiteration). Sidenote: The last Cylinder’s ignition coil [Error: P0304] which was the cylinder that originally caused my vehicle to become not drivable looked different than the rest of the other three ignition coils and in addition none appeared to be changed (In reference to the (1) cylinder they said they changed). This will be looked into. An AudiUSA representative name Mark called right when I finished test driving my vehicle. I let Mark know my frustration that such a simple job had to come to this and how I wanted a resolution to this issue especially being inconvenienced on another holiday. Mark then told me that he is going to add this to my open case then present it to North Orlando Audi. A week goes by and I do not hear anything back from Audi, so I call (AudiUSA) to find out that he had closed my case with no resolution and without contacting me. Audi has failed in EVERY SINGLE aspect in the opportunity to make this right both the North Orlando Location as well as Audi USA, whether it is fixing my vehicle or having a manager contact me giving me a reasonable explanation on their decision why it wasn’t in their best interest to. No answer/explanation is the worst response a company can give.

Product or Service Mentioned: Audi Car.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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