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2013 Audi - Q5 Car Review

Sorry bro you are SOL, which basically Audi Corperation has their heads up their assessment and could care less about your situation. Like George Carlin says, "it's a big rich man's club, and you ain't in it", The corperation heads view us little guys like sheep, asleep at the wheel, there are dozens of layers of legal jargon which keep the head CEO so insulated they could care less and they have no idea that the Q5 is an inferior, overpriced, shoddy parts for planned obselence. Buy a Ford F250, at least it won't keep breaking down, My Q5 has an engine leak at 41k miles and they want me to pay for the new coolant pump because they said "it's so hot in Florida", ok sure I'll be a retard *** and believe what Audi service tells me. I've only been practicing medicine for 32 years so I probably no nothing about how pumps work. Audi Inc. Is a blatant insult to our intelligence, and they could give a ***
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2013 Audi Q5 Car
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